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LSL Wide Bar Steel Handlebar 1"



If you've shopped for handlebars, then you've surely come across dozens of examples available on the internet for under $30 and you might be wondering why on Earth you'd want to pay twice the price for the same thing? This is a quality set of handlebars by LSL, manufacturers of road and race equipment that meets the high standards of Germany's TUV. We've definitely used mild steel handlebars of lesser quality on plenty of rat bikes and shade-tree projects of yesteryear and unfortunately tweaked and bent more than a couple just from knocking a bike over. These are crafted from high strength tensile steel, put through rigorous testing by Germany's TUV, and stand a much better chance of surviving the bump and grind. Buy once or buy twice...it's your choice.

The options from this quality manufacturer are almost endless, so choose wisely and get the set that is just right for you.
Crafted from high strength tensile steel, (1") 25.4mm outer diameter.  Available in standard or with Harley Davidson dint.
  • Application Type: Wide Bar
  • Material Type: Steel
  • Rise: 1 3/4''
  • Pullback: 7 5/8''
  • Width: 40 1/8''
  • Brand: LSL

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