The Hedonist is not a crown, a trapping of today's craze, or merely a cradle for your cranium while you cruise the streets. It's a tireless dome defender styled timelessly and fashioned to the highest safety standards. The Hedonist by Hedon Helmets is our favorite helmet on the market for quality, construction, and its authentic vintage profile. Style is non-negotiable when choosing a new helmet, but Hedon's superior safety rating and impeccable craftsmanship are the qualities that make this beautiful 3/4 a Revival top pick. Vintage elegance, sophisticated workmanship, stringent safety standards: the Hedonist has it all in spades.

Made from fiberglass and carbon, the composite shell provides a highly protective exterior. The cushioned interior is plush and pillowy, but there is serious science behind it. The antibacterial lining is made by Merlin, a German company that specializes in microbiological diagnostics is also known for its medical-grade products. All of this careful construction makes for a snug fit. Practically speaking this guarantees a quiet ride, but sizes do tend to run on the small side.


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