The Revival Cycles global summer moto-adventure had us traversing the beaches of Biarritz, reservoirs and ravines between Toulouse and Clermont-Ferrand, and picturesque Parisian cityscapes. We were window-shopping one warm afternoon in The City of Lights when we first laid eyes on beautiful Bleu de Chauffe. C'était lecoup de foudre!

Inspired by initial itirations of professional workbags and personal handbags from the early 20th century, each piece by Bleu de Chauffe is crafted by hand with ethical and ecological consciousness. All pieces from this line are at once classic and contemporary, simplistically stylish, and perennially practical.

The Bleu de Chauffe workshop and tannery is located in the rolling hills of Aveyron, France where artisanal workmanship and attention to detail are paramount. The process begins by selecting the highest quality hide to undergo the technique of Vegetable Tanning: an environmentally-friendly method passed through the generations over 200 years. The application of natural tannin via modern machinery yields leather with unique characteristics and longevity. From the tannery to the workshop, the cutting, crafting, and stitching of each piece is performed by qualified artisans renowned for their experience and expertise. This allows for continuity and precision of design. Once complete, each piece is signed and dated by the craftsman that built your unique bag.

Bleu de Chauffe masterfully melds ancient methodology with modern technology to create a resplendent repertoire of hand-built bags and accessories that will last a lifetime. Le prix s'oublie, la qualité reste.

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