Announcing The Twist Off hosted by Revival Cycles

 The Twist Off - Revival Cycles -Saturday November 19th 2016


While in the South of France for Wheels and Waves 2015, team Revival experienced something that was inexplicably more enthralling and exciting than many forms of motorcycle racing we have ever done.... Sprint Racing. This wasn't your typical drag race at a big concrete-covered modern professional track because it was up a mountain on a section of twisty road in Spain. Inspired by that thrilling blast up the mountain, we've decided to try our best to recreate the fun and cheap thrill TEXAS-STYLE. We're coining this weekend of frolicking and wheelie-laden sprints, The Twist Off.

Some might wonder "Why sprint races?".  Well fellow Motonerds™, sprint races are magical because of their informality, quick assembly and total inclusiveness. Much like our Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, we want to include EVERYONE. Sprint racing allows anyone who rides a motorcycle, vintage-bike, dirt-bike, scooter, cruiser, cafe bike or really ANYTHING to compete at their own pace! This is to encourage you and your loud mouth friend to line up what you've got and twist open to full throttle or whatever you can handle. We're encouraging everyone out on our straight dirt track or asphalt drag we're setting up at  Little River Dragway to experience something new or re-settle old scores.

We'll have overnight camping, bands, drinks, food and a bunch of good old fashioned grudge racing! 

More information to come soon, but for now clear your November 19th weekend because everyone's doing THE TWIST! so....BRING IT!