Motonerd Gift Guide

1.) White's x Revival Moto Boots  - $695

Our parent company Revival Cycles teamed up with America's oldest boot manufacturers, White's Boots, to create a riding boot that is beyond compare.

2.) Ranch Road Deerskin Gloves - $85

Not only are they the most comfortable deerskin gloves you can find, but they come with a snap carry loop that can easily attach to your belt loop or handlebars. You’ll never lose a glove again.

3.) Revival Shop Rag - $5

Perfect for any and every garage.

4.) Ignition Clip Key Carry - $38

The Ignition Clip Key Carry is crafted to be the ultimate must-have keychain. Versatile in function, it offers two styles of attachments—a snap closure that makes it easy to take on and off your belt loop and a military-spec HK carabiner clip.

5.) Palo Duro Pannier Briefcase - $1,350

Painstakingly designed to be the bag you can carry into a coffee shop or a conference room without looking like you just got off of your bike. This heirloom piece is made with Tasman leather from Maine, features multiple pockets—including a padded internal laptop sleeve—and two leather strap attachments that make it effortlessly simple to attach to your bike.


Gift Guide for the Whole Family



1.) Revival Baby Onesies  - $22

Let everyone know how much motorcycles, safety and your child mean to you. In no particular order. Trust us, your kid will definitely be the coolest wearing this Safety First Onesie. It comes in 6,12,18 and 24 month options with snaps on the bottom.

2.) Copper Espadin Flasks - $125

These heritage pieces are handcrafted by the master artisans at Sertado Copper located right here in Austin Texas. Each piece is hand hammered using a centuries-old copper working technique that was developed high in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains located in southeastern Mexico.

Made from 100% recycled copper and designed to last a lifetime.

3.) Revival Bandana - $15

Perfect for wiping dirt, sweat or spit up.

4.) Dope Tote - $950

Intricately engineered, thoughtfully designed, and handcrafted with premium Tasman Leather and refined hardware make the Dope Tote a timeless everyday piece. This bag is equipped with multiple pockets & compartments to keep you organized on the go.

5.) Motor-Inn Keychain - $32

Reminiscent of the classic vintage motel key, our Motor-Inn Keychain makes it easy to keep track of the keys to your home, your car, your motorcycle, your boat -- the list goes on.