Bikes for a Cause

Displayed at this year's Handbuilt Motorcycle Show are a couple of machines conceived with the explicit purpose of raising funds for a cause very important to us. Two shops have built motorcycles with the goal of raising money for cancer awareness through a couple of different ways. The team at GT-Moto has partnered with Third Shift Motorcycles and Lux Machine Inc. to orchestrate a raffle of some awesome stuff, including a grand-prize 1969 Honda CB350 to be raffled off to raise funds for Bethany Hoey's breast cancer treatment. You can buy tickets to the raffle here. If you can't be around for the raffle party, you can make a donation here and read a bit about Bethany's journey. For updates and more infomation, you can visit the GT-Moto website, or Instagram (@gt_moto_misfit).

Wes Case (AKA Threepence) from Denver, CO is taking a slightly less-traditional approach for his project to raise cancer awareness. Wes is nearly finished with his Yamaha RD350 custom (to be officially unveiled at this year's Handbuilt Motorcycle Show), designed to handle the grueling 5000-mile dual-sport Trans-America Trail, running from Tennessee to the Pacific Coast of Oregon in just 30 days. Upon the completion of Wes' 5000-mile trip, the RD350 will be raffled off with all proceeds being donated to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation. For more information, raffle ticket purchase, and donations, please check out Wes' site. You can check out Threepence on Facebook, Instagram @threepence, and follow the ride on Instagram @thetrail2015.

We encourage you to check out both of these projects and donate!