Zoom Motogadget m-Lock Replacement Key Fob

Replacement Teardrop Key Fob for Motogadget m-Lock


Designed exclusively for use with the Motogadget m-Lock, these replacement fobs are ideal to keep at home in a drawer, in case you lose the one that came with your m-Lock system or just want to have an extra one on hand.

You'll need to have your Master m-Lock Key Fob in order to pair this new fob with your device. Each m-Lock system is capable of having 3 keys paired with it and you can use any combination of Fobs or the ridiculously tiny Glass Tubes.

With one wave of a hand over your hidden m-Lock receiver, your ignition switches on and your bike is live and will fire right up. No more fumbling with keys of any type and your bike still remains secure.  

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